6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don’t Know What’s Really Going On ~ Truthstream Media

These are just a few examples of a long list of facts kept from a compartmentalized public in a world seemingly at permanent war. Just consider this the next time someone tells you there can’t any be big conspiracy’s because how can they get that many people to be in on it and lie about it.

Obviously, it happens all the time…

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Paul Hellyer ~ The Shadow Government, UFOs & Clean Energy ~ Red Ice Creations


September 25, 2012
Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject. At 88, former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer is still active as ever and engaged in a wide variety of world issues, the most urgent of which is the world monetary and financial system. Paul will discuss the conspiracy of the cabal, the shadow government and black operations. He also briefly talks about the UFO phenomena. Then, Paul covers the energy crisis, new clean technologies that are available and the new industry that can result from it. He also offers solutions that he claims would fix our economy.



Moon Rising (Full Disclosure Version) – By Jose Escamilla


Wow! Bravo, very well done! This rabbit hole goes very, very deep and is much bigger than most could ever imagine…

Uploaded by on Jun 11, 2011


For over 50 years we have been told and convinced the Moon is nothing more than a black and white desolate rock with moon dust and craters. The thousands of photos released to the public have always presented a black and white Moon. Even the most recent Hubble Photographs of the Moon are black and white. NASA continues to perpetuate the “lie” that the Moon is black and white. Moon Rising is the first film that presents Full Color Photography of the Moon.


Benjamin Fulford, Kerry Cassidy and Dr John Waterman weigh in: US Threatened Japan with Earthquakes, was this an act of war?

If you’re not familiar with Benjamin Fulford, he’s a former reporter for Forbes in Japan and expert insider on the Tokyo scene. “IF” what Benjamin has to say is true in this video, the end result has the potential to make the world a much better place by ridding the planet of the Dark Cabal of money sucking vampires who have led the world to the brink of bankruptcy, WWIII and environmental destruction. He lives in Japan and has been accepted into the inner political circles, as well as ruling families and familiarity with the YaKuza so he can be considered an inside expert on Japanese concerns.

Link to Fulford’s background and interview:


Here Fulford joins Project Camelot’s, Kerry Cassidy and Dr. John Waterman, who has a background in intelligence, the patriot movement and is a doctor and a naturopath. John discussed worst case scenarios that sound much worse than main stream media is portraying, quite disturbing in fact and worthy of a listen followed up with research.  Benjamin Fulford and he joined the show in the second hour to share with us his perspective about this crisis on the ground in Japan!. Click here to listen to the ARCHIVED show.

In this video Benjamin alleges the US threatened Japan with earthquakes for not giving over more money for illegal wars and that a nuclear bomb was detonated by the US on the ocean floor off the coast of Japan, causing the tsunami without offering much evidence to back up statement.