‘Like a sledgehammer pounding on a wall’ – Florida sinkhole swallows parts of two houses

A growing sinkhole in Florida has swallowed at least one home, caused another to begin collapsing and forced at least six homes to be evacuated. The sinkhole began opening in a neighborhood just north of downtown Dunedin, Fla., near Tampa, early this morning, according to ABC News affiliate WFTS-TV in Tampa.

By 7 a.m., the sinkhole was estimated at 80 feet wide and 40 feet deep, and still expanding, Dunedin Deputy Fire Chief Tripp Barrs told WFTS. Power and utility lines were cut off and officials evacuated at least six surrounding homes amid reports that a neighboring pool was also cracking.

Television footage also shows a boat and screened-in porch at the homeowner’s property had collapsed into the hole.

The Pinellas County homeowner Michael Dupre told TV station Bay News 9 that he heard what sounded like a “sledgehammer pounding on a wall” as the sinkhole began to open up. He also told the station a sinkhole-prevention company had been at his home the past two days pouring grout to stabilize the home’s foundation.

“There was a sinkhole before and we knew there was sinkhole activity,” Dupre said. “After the Seffner sinkhole, we were scared. We’ve been dealing with our insurance company and, finally, two days ago, they started working on our house. Now it looks like our home is gone.”

Jeff Bush, 37, died in March when a sinkhole opened beneath his home in Seffner, a town in nearby Hillsborough County. Bush’s body was never recovered and his home was eventually demolished.

No injuries have been reported in the Dunedin sinkhole.

Dunedin is just outside of what state officials refer to as “sinkhole alley,” the counties of Hernando, Hillsborough and Pasco.




Large sinkhole discovered in Western Kansas




© WIBW.com

Wichita — Watch your step if you venture into Wallace County in western Kansas.

The Wallace County sheriff says a large sinkhole was discovered about a week ago eight miles north of Wallace.

They’re waiting on experts to come out and examine the sinkhole. They have no idea what caused it, and no injuries have been reported.


Ed Note: Wow…sinkhole?? Looks more like a canyon…it’s odd that they didn’t give measurements, the camera angle makes it difficult to gauge how big it is. Hmm..if sinkholes keep growing, maybe we’ll witness the making of Grand Canyon II “in the blink of an eye”. In evolutionary terms, that’ll really make the Darwinist’s really squirm! lol!!


South Louisiana Street Explosions – Bubbling Water from Ground & Sidewalks – Explosive Methane Gas?

Published on May 30, 2013

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Massive sinkhole to keep central Washington D.C. streets closed for another week



© Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post
A large sinkhole opened on 14th Street, D.C. last week.

The sinkhole in downtown Washington will continue to block lanes and impede traffic until the end of the work week, officials said Tuesday.

Authorities shut down parts of 14th and F streets in Northwest Washington last week after a pit opened at the intersection, which is blocks from the White House and in an area full of restaurants and hotels.

The work is taking so long because workers digging down to the sewer line have to navigate a complex thicket of utility lines and old trolley tracks, according to George S. Hawkins, general manager of the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority.

“It’s been the most complicated street repair I’ve seen since I’ve been on the job,” Hawkins said at a news conference in front of the sinkhole.

Work at the pit could cost nearly $2 million, Hawkins said.

All of the work should be completed and the roads reopened by Friday, said Paul A. Quander Jr., the deputy mayor for public safety.

“A lot of progress has been made,” Quander said. “We’ve been working around the clock to fix this.”

Northbound 14th Street remains blocked between Pennsylvania and New York avenues, while F Street is closed between 13th and 15th streets. Only southbound traffic can pass through the intersection.

If the roads do reopen Friday, the intersection will have been at least partially blocked for 10 days spanning two work weeks and a holiday weekend. Traffic was severely affected in the blocks around the closure, with cars and buses being diverted from a key artery in and out of the city.

While the cause of the sinkhole is still being investigated, Hawkins said it appears that the hole developed because a nearby manhole was blocking a storm drain.

The storm drain at the northwest corner of the intersection, in front of the Hamilton restaurant, is meant to funnel storm water into the sewer system. But a manhole was constructed that blocked the drain. As a result, water had nowhere to go and seeped into the dirt under the street.

“That’s our best hypothesis,” Hawkins said.

The blockage in the storm drain was discovered Friday when workers threaded a camera into the drain. Authorities don’t know when the manhole was installed, but the dirt appears to have been washed out over a period of several years, Hawkins said.

Comment: “That’s our best hypothesis…” Oh dear, authorities everywhere are soon gonna have to do better than that to explain the global
explosion in sinkholes to a population going “HUH?!”

The planet is opening up…



Huge Sinkhole Swallows Car and Family in Hetian, China – May 16 2013

China and Russia appear to be taking the lead in the media with sinkholes swallowing cars and buildings. To be honest, you never can tell how bad things are getting in N America when mass media focus’s on Kim Kardashian’s baby bump and Angelina Jolie’s latest mediapalooza stunt.


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Well sometimes you should not get up! This is the case of this Chinese family (3 children) driving in Hetian, western China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, when their car fell in a giant sinkhole that formed suddenly under it on may 16 2013. The Chinese family managed to scramble from their car despite not being able to open doors.


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The sinkhole got bigger over the next 30 minutes until their vehicle almost completely disappeared.


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According to authorities there used to be an air raid shelter below the road and heavy rain caused the cave-in.


Giant 85 meter wide sinkhole swallows three buildings in central Russia



A sinkhole measuring nearly 85 meters wide and 15 meters deep engulfed three houses in a town outside Russia’s fifth-largest city Nizhny Novgorod as some residents of the small village were slumbering.

One of the houses in the town of Buturlino was completely demolshed. Residents managed to escape the building a few minutes before it literally collapsed like a house of cards on Wednesday night.

“I just barely left the house as everything around started to collapse,” Aleksey Ionychev told Russia’s Channel One.

“I looked and saw a poplar, 15 to 20 meters high, went under the ground and straight away I heard loud sounds of water running, like a waterfall, and then saw a 10 meters crater,” the man said. “It’s good that we are alive, but the house was new and everything we had, so to say, we lost. The house was not insured and of course no one cares about it.”

Initial reports suggested people were injured in the incident. However, it was later confirmed that no one sustained traumatic harm. “Information about dead and injured that appeared in media is not true,” the head of the local administration Nikolay Chichkov told Rossyiskaya Gazeta.


© RT

Thirty-three residents of nearby areas have been immediately evacuated. There were no people in one of the collapsed buildings, while the third damaged building was used for grain storage.

The Ionychev family reportedly moved to their relatives’ house, along with other residents.

According to Chichkov, the sinkhole not only demolished the three buildings, but also caused ruptures in electricity and gas utility lines. By the afternoon, gas utilities and power had been restored. The sinkhole remains cordoned off by emergency services.

The reasons behind the accident have not been made public so far. “There is a version that the sinkhole was caused by subterranean waters, which rose due to snow melting,” the regional head wrote on his blog.

Some experts also pointed to a railroad some 90 meters away from the place of the accident. However, trains are still passing the scene, though they have been forced to slow down to 60 kph.

The town of Buturlino, with a population of 6,500, is some 120 kilometers southeast of the city of Nizhniy Novgorod in central Russia. According to the 2010 census, Nizhniy Novgorod is home to over 1,250,000 people.



HUGE Methane Bubble Site Found Within 100 ft Of Bayou Corne Home…

Published on May 7, 2013

rainbeaudais . rainbeaudais .

Watch in 720 Q HD

This newest methane bubbling site is in the northwestern most edge of the Bayou Corne community. This is the first BIG bubble site in the bayou that I am aware of on the north side of HWY 70, and so far west. See Nick Romeros interview with CBS at cbsnews.com The Sunday Morning Show under videos. Very moving, and he voices so many of our feelings. Mine, for sure.



Large sinkhole swallows three cars in Chicago




April 18, 2013CHICAGO, ILOne person was hospitalized after a sinkhole swallowed three cars in the South Deering neighborhood on the Southeast Side this morning. The person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious-to-critical condition, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Witnesses said the hole opened up around 5 a.m. at 9600 South Houston Avenue, quickly growing from about 20 feet to about 40 feet. First two cars slid in, then a third as the hole widened, witnesses said. A fourth vehicle was towed from the edge as it was about to fall inside, witnesses said. The man who was injured was trying to drive his car around the hole when the road gave way, according to witnesses. The man suffered minor head injuries. Ola Oni said she was about to leave for work at 5 a.m. but had not gotten in her car yet when it suddenly fell into the hole. “It could have happened to me, I am lucky, I’m happy,” Oni said. “In this kind of neighborhood, I don’t think this should happen.” She gestured toward the hole. “Look at this, this neighborhood is in danger.” The sinkhole opened up after a water main broke, according to Tom LaPorte, spokesman for the Water Department. The heavy rain could have contributed to the break of the cast iron pipe that dates back to 1915, he said. Officials are looking at the age of the main as well as weather conditions. –Chicago Tribune


contribution by Robert M.


Note: The water mains broke because the earth is expanding and the lithosphere is collapsing globally, scenes like this are happening all over the world and the sinkholes are only getting bigger, swallowing up more and more as time passes. My, my…things are getting quite interesting as our Earth mother awakens from her long slumber.


Door Point: A Buried Volcano In Southeast Louisiana – A Paper Written in 1976


Volume XXVI, 1976

Jules Braunstein and Claude E. McMichael

An exploratory well, the Shell Oil Company, State Lease 3956 No. 1, Offshore St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, was completed in 1963 at a total depth of 8538 feet. The last 1300 feet of hole was cored and drilled through volcanic material of Late Cretaceous Age. The location of this well is shown on Figure 1.
Pre-drilling seismic data had revealed the presence on this prospect of intrusive material with a density slightly higher than that of the surrounding sediments. Gravity data defined a weak maximum here, and no salt was believed to be present.
The igneous material consisted of angular fragments of altered porphyritic basic rock. In cores it proved to be evenly bedded and cemented by sparry calcite. Radioactivity age dating fixed a minimum age of crystallization of this rock at 82 m.y. + 8, or middle Late Cretaceous (Austin). Bulk density of the igneous rock ranged from 2.02 gm/cc near the top of its occurrence to 2.53 gm/cc near the bottom of the well.

Three gas accumulations, with an aggregate thickness of 38 feet, were encountered in the Miocene section between 5092 and 6219 feet in the Shell well. Gas-bearing sands were not present in two other wells drilled later on the same structure (Fig. 2).

Although evidence of Late Cretaceous volcanic activity is widespread in northern Louisiana, as well as in Mississippi, and southeast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, the Door Point prospect lies within an area that had been previously designated as being free of volcanism.



Source here or here

Map of Earth During The Late Cretaceous Period


More info on possible buried volcano in Louisiana>>>  here



Shocking video captures moment man is swallowed by 52-foot deep sinkhole in China

Andrew Ramos
Wed, 27 Mar 2013
Take a look at this incredible video coming out of China – where a massive sinkhole swallowed a 25-year-old man in seconds.The video, which was captured by 2 closed-circuit TV cameras, shows the man identified as Yang Jiabin walking in Shenzhen near a construction site when suddenly a 26-foot wide, 52 foot deep sinkhole suddenly opens up and swallows him alive.

Despite a quick response from rescue workers, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shocking incident caused officials to evacuate nearby residents.

According to published reports, over 100 sinkholes have formed in Beijing over the past two months. Poorly planned development is said to be the main factor.

Earlier this month, 43-year-old Mark Mihal nearly died when he was swallowed by a sinkhole while playing golf on a course near St. Louis.

Weeks before that, a Florida man was killed when a sinkhole opened up under his home. His body was never recovered.



Sinkhole swallows Newcastle, California pond overnight

David Clark Scott
Christian Science Monitor
Thu, 21 Mar 2013

Overnight, a sinkhole swallowed a pond on Mark Korb’s property in Newcastle, Calif. When he went to bed Saturday night, the pond was there. On Sunday, March 17 it was gone. How does that happen? While northern California is nowhere near as prone to sinkholes as Florida (see USGS sinkhole map), one clue might be the fact that the pond was man-made. While sinkholes don’t need a human trigger; changes in drainage due to construction or agricultural irrigation have been known to activate mass outbreaks of sinkholes in Florida, and other parts of the country.

As The Christian Science Monitor reported earlier this month after a Florida man was swallowed in his bed by a sinkhole, “Drought followed by heavy rains can also instigate sinkholes as heavy, water-logged earth presses down on limestone caves suddenly devoid of buoyant water. The two previous deaths attributed to sinkholes both involved professional well drillers whose activities cracked the top of limestone caverns, causing collapse. Humans can [destabilize karst landscapes] by drawing down water tables or irrigate too much, increasing the weight of the mass of materials that sits on top of the void,” says Jonathan Martin, a geologist at the University of Florida, in Gainesville. “Humans can modify the environment” enough to cause sinkholes.


Video courtesy of kcratv


Massive Sinkhole In Louisiana Baffles Officials

March 20, 2013 2:24 PM


After the collapse of a salt mine in south Louisiana last year, a 9-acre sinkhole has flooded the area. It also caused gas and oil leaks, and local residents are fed up.

Debbie Elliott/NPR

Louisiana officials are grappling with a giant sinkhole that’s threatening a neighborhood. A salt mine collapsed last year, creating a series of problems regulators say they’ve never seen before, including tremors and oil and gas leaks and a sinkhole that now covers 9 acres.

Residents have been evacuated for more than seven months now and are losing patience.

Ernie Boudreaux lives in a trailer on Jambalaya Street in Bayou Corne, La. Strange things have been happening to his home, he says.

“It cracks. You can hear it. The doors pop open by themselves,” Boudreaux says.

The front porch is separating from the trailer and sometimes he smells oil — all problems that started after the sinkhole opened less than a half mile from his house. His neighborhood is under a mandatory evacuation, but Boudreaux comes back a few days a week to care for his dog, Diesel.

Houston-based Texas Brine has been mining salt near the Bayou Corne community for more than 40 years. The company is now paying evacuated residents $875 a week to cover temporary housing costs. But Boudreaux, a welder, says he can’t find a rental that takes pets the size of Diesel, so he stays with his sister some and then comes home. He wants a more permanent solution.

“That $875 a week is hush-hush money — keep everybody quiet and just let it settle down. I say, I’m not letting this settle down. You talking about land, home that we can’t come back to,” Boudreaux says. “And if you do, it ain’t worth nothing.”

‘Just Like An Experiment’

From Boudreaux’s backyard you can see the entrance to Texas Brine. The firm operates several salt wells here in Assumption Parish, injecting water into an underground salt dome to leach out brine. The sodium chloride is used by the nearby petrochemical industries that line the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Ernie Boudreaux, who lives a half mile from the sinkhole, has been living with his sister for the past seven months.

Ernie Boudreaux, who lives a half mile from the sinkhole, has been living with his sister for the past seven months.

Debbie Elliott/NPR

“This is the sinkhole,” says Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch. He looks out over what appears to be a lake surrounded by swampland and a fresh earthen levee. It was all swamp before Aug. 3, the morning workers discovered the sinkhole.

One day the area was swamp, he says, and the next “there’s nothing, except debris, floating vegetative matter, and as it turned out, there was some liquid hydrocarbon that had risen to the surface.”

That was crude oil and natural gas bubbling up from below ground. It was a mystery at first, but now authorities say an abandoned salt cavern collapsed, shifting the rock and salt formations deep below, causing the sinkhole above and unleashing hydrocarbons into the groundwater aquifer up to two miles from the site.

The sinkhole is still growing. Monitoring reveals continuing shifting underground and a possible problem at a second cavern.

The state has ordered Texas Brine to drill 30 of these natural gas wells around Bayou Corne.

Patrick Courreges with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources says the escaping methane poses a danger. “Want to get that out so that you don’t have the risk of homes with enclosed spaces having a concentration of gas buildup that could be flammable or explosive,” Courreges says.

Courreges says Texas Brine had plugged and abandoned this salt mine in 2010 after integrity problems. And state rules at the time did not require any continued monitoring. Now scientists have discovered that the side wall of the salt cavern collapsed, causing tremors, the sinkhole and oil and gas leaks. Courreges says they’ve yet to find a road map for dealing with this unique set of problems.

“When we started looking around [asking] who else has this happened to, and the answer came — and we’re still looking — is nobody,” he says.

That makes it hard to predict what will happen next.

“It’s just like an experiment,” says Wilma Subra, a technical adviser to the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. “But the issue is, it is continuing to degrade. So as long as it’s degrading, you can’t say we’ve reached the end of degradation and now we can figure out how to remedy.”

Buyouts At Bayou Corne

Bayou Corne resident Nick Romero is losing his patience.

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t cause this,” Romero says.

In his front yard, Romero watches gas bubbles seep up slowly through the cypress-studded swamp. “I’m being driven from the thing that I love the most,” he says.

He’s a retired postal worker and his wife, Brenda, is a nature artist. They’ve been here more than 20 years.

“The damage is done,” Brenda says. “Our property is worth zero.”

Nick Romero says after seven months, nothing is getting better. He wants Texas Brine to ante up.

“Man has played around and stuck his hands where he shouldn’t have and mother nature says It’s time for y’all to leave,” he says. “They’re responsible for causing it, so it’s time for them to pay up.”

Cranch of Texas Brine says the company will work with individual families to reach a fair settlement. “We want resolution of this. We really, truly appreciate the emotional stress this has caused for so many of these people in the Bayou Corne area,” Cranch says.

Some residents have sued Texas Brine. And Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is demanding damages for all of the 350 residents near the sinkhole. He also says the company owes the state more than $8 million for its response to the crisis.

“They’re the ones that are the responsible party. They caused this damage, and certainly we’ll be aggressive in making sure that they pay their bills — whether it’s to the state, local government or the folks they buy out,” Jindal said.

Back on Jambalaya Street, Boudreaux wants the buyout but isn’t sure where he’ll to go from Bayou Corne.

“We born and raised here. Ain’t like I’m going to say I’m moving to Baton Rouge because I’m not a city person,” he says. “I’m born in the swamp and bayous. They ain’t got a bayou I’m outta place. I can’t go to no city. But where you gonna go? That’s the thing.”


Officials: ‘Spasmodic burst’ near giant sinkhole — Around 100 micro quakes reported overnight

Published: March 13th, 2013 at 2:14 pm ET
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Title: Increased Seismic Activity Reported
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: March 13, 2013 at 12:55p ET
h/t Anonymous tip

Dr. Horton has reported a “spasmodic burst” which occurred at 1:34 this morning with 90+ micro earthquakes happening overnight. In addition, there were several observable long periods (VLP) events recorded on seismic monitor LA12. Dr. Horton and Dr. Pettit are working to locate the events currently.

We will post updates as information becomes available.

Updated here: Official: Work halted around giant sinkhole — Sharp tremors continuing every 15 minutes — Gas or fluids moving below ground?



Sinkhole forces Pennsylvania family to evacuate

Maybe sinkholes should be referred to as “Swiss cheese syndrome”, we’re only getting news on a fraction of the sinkholes opening up.  They’re also appearing on uninhabited areas where they aren’t seen or reported.
Danielle Johnson and David Chang
Mon, 11 Mar 2013
It seemed like any other Sunday for Doris Jenkins. The Bethlehem Township resident got up bright and early to walk her dog. As soon as she stepped out of the house however, she immediately saw something that would change the lives of her and her family forever.

“I came around the corner and said, ‘oh my God!'” said Jenkins. “My daughter’s car was there. I woke her up and told her to get the car out of there!”

A sinkhole had opened up right in the driveway of her house, located on the 1500 block of 2nd Street. Doris, her daughter Inga Jenkins and her granddaughter Claudia Jenkins were forced to evacuate their house.

“I wasn’t thinking that this was how I was going to be spend my Sunday afternoon,” said Inga while in tears. “It’s pretty upsetting to see your driveway start to fall into a hole.”

Bethlehem Township Assistant Fire Chief Ron Ford told NBC10’s Claudia Rivero that crews have been in the neighborhood all week repairing a break in the sewer line. At this point, Chief Ford says it’s unclear whether that work caused the sinkhole.

“We won’t be sure how much damage it caused until we get the hole dug out and see where we are with the damage,” said Chief Ford.

The Jenkins’ home has cracks in the foundation and possible damage to the roof. Too dangerous for the family to live there, the home is the only one in the neighborhood that has been evacuated so far.

“We have to evacuate because of the fumes,” said Claudia Jenkins.

“My daughter and I are going to a hotel for two weeks,” said Inga. “We’ll see what happens.”

No other homes have been affected at this time, according to authorities.

There was another report of two small sinkholes that opened up earlier this week at 1470 2nd Street.

NBC10 reported on several sinkholes in the Lehigh Valley area over the last year. Several dozen Allentown families were forced to find temporary housing after a sinkhole opened under their street. In 2011, 54 graves were threatened by approaching water from a sinkhole.\


Clif High: Sinkholes, Chemtrails and Time Changes

Published on Mar 6, 2013


Recorded on March 5, 2013 . In this episode, Clif High talks about why he believes sinkholes are appearing all over the northern hemisphere, chemtrails and a recent shift, or wrinkle in temporal timeline changes that occurred early in February.

Clif’s website: http://halfpasthuman.com

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Live near the Bayou Corne Sinkhole? GET A LAWYER

Published on Feb 27, 2013


Quick sinkhole update and call-in to the “Situational Preparedness Show” with some important info for anyone still living in the area…from today Feb 27, 2013

Must listen for any residents that have not yet evacuated. Pay close attention to what the state geologist Gary Hecox says…NO ONE has ever seen an event like this and there are multiple complexities involved with the subsidence, gasses being released, geological activity and possibility of a collapse. Not to mention the toxic materials that have been stored there for decades.






Entire show archived at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/usaebn/2…

Website: http://usaebn.org/web/

RadChick’s links can be found at FukushimaFacts.com

Nuked Radio: http://fukushimafacts.com/Default.asp… Radio with RadChick


GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Massive Sinkhole On Major New Jersey Highway Damages 18 Cars!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013 – NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES – The sinkhole is 4 feet by 4 feet, and smack in the middle of the right lane of the Garden State Parkway.

Some 18 drivers discovered the deep rut in the highway the hard way after 6 a.m. this morning on their way south approaching the Driscoll Bridge. They were driving, and then the tires slammed into the hole, said Sgt. Adam Grossman of the New Jersey State Police.

A product called Cold Patch is used to temporarily fill potholes in Mount Olive. (Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger).
A product called Cold Patch is used to temporarily fill potholes in Mount Olive. (Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger).

The majority of the cars ended up with flat tires from the impact, and they pulled over to the shoulder in a long line ending on the bridge, said Grossman. But no injuries were reported, he added.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is currently working on fixing the sinkhole. Grossman said the agency is hoping to plug the hole and have the highway completely opened by the afternoon’s rush hour.

During rush-hour traffic Thursday morning, Feb. 21, about a dozen cars became disabled after hitting a large sinkhole at the approach of the Driscoll Bridge on the Garden State Parkway heading south. The damaged cars were visible along the Parkway shoulder and right lane, and emergency personnel and tow trucks were assisting motorists. (Donna Gialanella/ The Star-Ledger).
Repairs were being made on the large sinkhole that opened up on the Garden State Parkway in Middlesex County on Feb. 21. About 18 vehicles were damaged, officials said. (Donna Gialanella/ The Star-Ledger).

All the disabled cars were either towed or driven away by 8:30 a.m., Grossman said. The lane with the pothole remains closed while crews work, he added.

The hole was originally described as a “pothole” by authorities.

Repairs were being made on the large sinkhole that opened up on the Garden State Parkway in Middlesex County on Feb. 21. About 18 vehicles were damaged, officials said. (Donna Gialanella/ The Star-Ledger).
A product called Cold Patch is used to temporarily fill potholes in Mount Olive. (Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger).

The Turnpike Authority could not be immediately reached for comment.

Motorists with damaged vehicles from potholes, construction mishaps, windshield damage or snow plows can file damage claims with the Department of Treasury’s risk management division, said Tim Greeley, a spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

But Bill Quinn, a Treasury spokesman, said damage claims from Parkway potholes would be handled by the Turnpike Authority. – NJ.


MEGA New Madrid Earthquake Perhaps Imminent – Officials Evacuating Area New Orleans Residents

Published on Oct 9, 2012

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Published on Aug 18, 2012 by gmoore49
What began a couple of months ago as a series of small bubbles trickling into Bayou Corne, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, has now turned into a massive water filled sinkhole that is pulling trees, boats, and anything else into its deep dark abyss. Experts say that all of this is being caused by a salt mining operation which was compromised in 2011. They are saying that this salt dome has failed, and is in the process of collapsing. But that is not the worst of it. . . .

LATEST NEWS: gOOgle “louisiana sinkhole news” Now tremors are being felt 35 miles from the Assumption Parish sinkhole, and many more gas bubbling sites have popped up, including one from that Lake Peigneur 80 miles away, where a giant lake was created over a salt dome!! This crisis is quickly getting out of control!!!!!!!! Wake UP!!! Get out of Louisiana and go to higher ground, far from the Gulf Coast.

Mega Disasters: Earthquake In The Heartland
The History Channel, 2009

Houses Shaking and ‘Mysterious’ Bubbles in Louisiana Swamp – July 3, 2012

Louisiana Sinkhole Grows Overnight; Authorities Monitor for Radiation – Aug. 9, 2012

Louisiana probes cause of massive bayou sinkhole

Various news reports of sinkholes from the past two years, covering states like California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom
The History Channel, 2006

Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster

. . . Over the years they have been filling a nearby salt dome in Assumption, Parish, Louisiana with radioactive waste and 1.5 million barrels of liquid Butane. If this sinkhole continues to devour land and trees in this area, it may eventually breach this storage area releasing not only toxic radiation into the environment, but also butane which will then become exposed to the air above. All it would take then would be the spark from a car ignition or some other source of fire to set in motion an explosion which some suggest could be equivalent to about 100 nuclear bombs similar to those used on Nagasaki or Hiroshima, in Japan. As bad as all of that would be, there is something even worse that could come from this.

An explosion on that magnitude would create a giant crater deep in the earth exposing this salt dome to the elements. Since this salt dome is also connected to the much larger Luann salt basin, that means water from the bayou will trickle down and quickly become a torrent of water to dissolve the salt in areas covering 5 states, up to a mile thick. As the salt dome looses integrity, all of those deep oil wells will become funnels to either blow out or pull more water into the cavity. When that finally collapses, ALL of Louisiana will sink into the Gulf of Mexico. Parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida will also be underwater. The salt dome under the Texas gulf will also collapse, sending a huge tsunami tidal wave as far inland as the Balcones Escarpment. Cities like Houston and New Orleans will sink into the ocean, never to be seen again. Cities like Fort Worth, Dallas, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio will also be flooded, but might be restored as the tidal wave recedes.

The New Madrid fault and Mississippi river basin is being targeted with HAARP, frac tech drilling operations, and possibly other means (such as nuclear explosions). They are planning to create an earthquake in that region to split this nation with an inland sea from Chicago to New Orleans. It will not be an “act of God.” I believe that this could happen very soon.

Some will say that this is fear mongering, but there IS mounting circumstantial evidence that these are not mere accidents and we are slowly being led to the slaughter by the ruling elite. I would rather sound the warning and risk being called a deluded fool, than sit back and say nothing.

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Louisiana Sinkhole ~ Before and After Comparison

Wow! If you haven’t seen video’s of the Louisiana sinkhole recently, you’ll be shocked at how much it’s grown in just the last month. Below are two video’s, the first is from August shortly after the salt dome wall caved in and the second was taken last week. Yesterday a report came in from Lake Peigneir that long lines of methane bubbles were seen on the water and last week I posted a video from Pink showing what appeared to be some kind of statewide event on radar, quite possibly a massive methane expulsion. There’s a methane hydrate glacier in the Gulf of Mexico that began melting after it was hit with seawater from the BP Macondo oil drilling disaster. Methane melts at an exponential rate, meaning it gains more and more momentum as time goes by. So at this point it’s safe to assume the melt rate is picking up spread as methane breach’s the salt dome cavity’s.

Published on Aug 12, 2012

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Northern Arizona roadway collapses: Not weather related – possible geologic event

Deborah Stocks
Wed, 20 Feb 2013 12:26 CST

A northern Arizona roadway is closed after the pavement collapsed Wednesday. The Arizona Department of Transportation says a 150-foot section of US 89 buckled this morning about 25 miles south of Page.

Officials say the cause is not weather related and may be a “geologic event.”


US 89 is closed northbound at US 89A and in Page US 89 is closed at the junction with State Route 98.

Drivers trying to get to Page are advised to take an alternate route that will put them about 45 miles out of their way.

That route will take them east on US 160 to SR 98 and north on SR 98 to Page.

Photos show the road cracked, buckled and dropped below pavement level.

ADOT says it doesn’t know how long the road will be closed.

Crews are on scene and are using geotechnical engineers to investigate.


Update: Highway-89 sinkhole in Arizona is 150-feet wide, 5-feet deep, more sinkholes possible

Fri, 22 Feb 2013

Arizona Department of Transportation spokesperson Tim Tate says that the possibility of more sinkholes appearing in the vicinity of the one that was discovered Wednesday morning remains a concern. Tate says that in addition to engineers and workers dispatched to the area of the Big Cut to assess and move forward with road restoration, about 25-miles south of Page, workers are also looking for signs of other sinkholes.

Tate says the 150-feet wide, 5-feet deep chasm was first reported by two unlucky motorists who apparently drove on the scene not long after the sinkhole appeared. Both drivers suffered minor injuries, possibly from their airbags being deployed.

The region is filled with sand and rock and ADOT workers are taking soil samples as part of the effort to solve the mystery of why the sinkhole appeared. Tate says officials don’t believe the incident was weather related and may have been triggered by a geologic occurrence. A check of the U.S. Geological Survey’s website doesn’t show any earthquake activity in the area of the sinkhole preceding its emergence.

Highway 89 does remain closed at the sinkhole between Page and Tuba City near the Big Cut. Tate says repairing the roadway may be costly and take awhile to accomplish.



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