Rare ‘Severe’ Geomagnetic Storm is Hitting Earth Right Now

SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Arriving earlier than expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 7th at ~2300 UT. This is, essentially, debris from Wednesday’s decade-class X9 solar flare. A rare severe G4-class geomagnetic storm is in progress as our planet’s magnetic field reverberates from the impact. Auroras have been spotted as far south as Arkansas in the United States! http://www.spaceweather.com/ Rare Severe Geomagnetic Storm A coronal mass ejection (CME) propelled into space by an X9.3 solar flare on Thursday reached our planet a little earlier than expected and helped to generate a Severe (G4) level geomagnetic storm. The solar wind climbed to above 700 km/s and the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) pointed sharply south (-32nT) following the shock passage. Visual aurora is being reported across many locations at middle to high latitudes. http://www.solarham.net/

UPDATE: S1-S2 WARNING EXTENDED TO 8 SEPTEMBER/2359 UTC The S1-S2 (Minor-Moderate) solar radiation storm warning for the 10 MeV protons was extended and is now in effect until 8 September at 2359 UTC (8/1959 ET). http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

UPDATE: CONTINUED G4 (SEVERE) GEOMAGNETIC STORMING OBSERVED G4 (Severe) geomagnetic storm levels were observed at 2350 UTC (1950 Eastern) on 07 September and again at 0151 UTC (2151 Eastern) on 08 September due to effects from a coronal mass ejection. A G3 (Strong) or greater warning continues to be in effects until 0600 UTC (02:00 Eastern) on 08 September. G4 (Severe) Geomagnetic Storm Impacts Power systems: Possible widespread voltage control problems and some protective systems will mistakenly trip out key assets from the grid. Spacecraft operations: May experience surface charging and tracking problems, corrections may be needed for orientation problems. Other systems: Induced pipeline currents affect preventive measures, HF radio propagation sporadic, satellite navigation degraded for hours, low-frequency radio navigation disrupted, and aurora has been seen as low as Alabama and northern California (typically 45¬į geomagnetic lat.). S2 (Moderate) Solar Radiation Storm Impacts Biological: Passengers and crew in high-flying aircraft at high latitudes may be exposed to elevated radiation risk. Satellite operations: Infrequent single-event upsets possible. Other systems: Small effects on HF propagation through the polar regions and navigation at polar cap locations possibly affected. http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

Clips, images credit: NOAA/SWPC, NASA/SDO, ESA/HUBBLE & ESO Music credit: YouTube Audio Library Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-… Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Medusa by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-… Artist: http://incompetech.com/


Explosive NW Limb Hyder Flare/CME/Proton: May 15th,2016. Skyywatcher88

Note: Really feeling this hyder flare intensely. It’s been a very uncomfortable day….shaky, hard to focus & stay grounded, pressure on my crown & third eye, and just feeling jittery in general.

Hope you’re having a better ride today ūüôā Have a great week! Namaste…


Hyder’s explanation is that, in the case of the Hyder flare, some or even most of the filament material, instead of suffering acceleration and ejection, falls down the sides of the magnetic ridge and interacts with the lower chromospheric material producing the flare. If the infall process is symmetrical, then the double parallel ribbon flare will result, if asymmetrical, then only one ribbon results. If the infall is sporadic, or the material insufficient, then only bright knots of flare are produced. Hyder did calculations to show that the kinetic energy of the infalling material should be sufficient to provide the required flare energy release observed.

Major X-Class Solar Flare – November 8, 2013

A Major X1.1 Solar Flare was reported at 4:29UT this morning around active region 11890. The energetic eruption occurred close to an earth-facing position on the solar disk which would imply the resulting coronal mass ejection should have components heading Earths way. A very bright Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) has been observed at the time of making this video, and possible impact on earths magnetic field is forecasted to occur on November 10th which should provide strong geomagnetic storm activity late November 10 into the 11th, the bulk mass seems to be heading well south of the ecliptic and a glancing blow would be the likely result. Associated with this eruption was a 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) reaching 1000 Solar Flux Units lasting 5 minutes and a Type II/IV Sweep Frequency Event.


Sun sent 28 solar flares erupting through space in a week… and there may be more on the way



Violent: The fourth of the Sun’s massive X-class flares in a fortnight, which peaked on October 29 is pictured. The image by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows light in wavelengths of both 304 and 193 Angstroms

More than two dozen solar flares have erupted from the Sun in the past seven days, catapulting radiation towards the Earth that could potentially play havoc with global communications.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued four radio blackout warnings in the past two days after solar weather suddenly turned turbulent.

Radiation from flares cannot penetrate Earth’s atmosphere to harm life on the ground, but when intense enough it can disturb the atmosphere in the ionosphere, where GPS and radio signals travel.

Since October 23 the Sun has let loose with 24 medium-strength M-class solar flares, and four X-class flares – the most powerful kind.

In fact, with our local star heading towards the peak of its 11-year cycle, a period known as the solar maximum, this shouldn’t be unusual. But lead up to the solar max has been unusually subdued this year.

Humans have tracked the solar cycle continuously since it was discovered in 1843, and it is normal for there to be many flares a day during the sun’s peak activity.

Holly Gilbert, a solar physicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, told the Los Angeles Times: ‘It hadn’t been active in months, so it’s like it finally woke up.

‘For those of us who study the dynamics of the sun, it is exciting because it gives us more events to study.’

Solar flares happen when energy stored in magnetic fields twisted across the surface of the Sun is suddenly released.

‘You get a tangled bunch of magnetic fields, and they get too tangled and too stressed, they end up erupting,’ added Dr Gilbert.

The recent solar flare activity has also been accompanied by several coronal mass ejections (CMEs), say Nasa officials.

There are another kind of solar phenomenon that send billions of tons of particles into space that can reach Earth one to three days later.

Like the radiation from solar flares, these particles cannot travel through the atmosphere to harm humans on Earth; but they can affect electronic systems in satellites and on the ground.

Turbulent: Another X-class flare exploding off the right side of the sun, peaking on October 27. This image is in the 131 Angstrom wavelength, which is particularly good for showing solar flares and is often coloured in teal

CMEs can cause a space weather phenomenon called a geomagnetic storm, which occurs when they funnel energy into Earth’s magnetic envelope, the magnetosphere, for an extended period of time.

The CME’s magnetic fields peel back the outermost layers of Earth’s fields changing their very shape, distortions which can can degrade communication signals and cause unexpected surges in power grids.

They also can cause aurora. Storms are rare during solar minimum, but as the sun nears solar maximum, large storms occur several times per year.

See video here:


Major X-Class Solar Flare October 28, 2013

Another X-Class Solar Flare !
A Major X1.0 Solar flare has been recorded from active region 11875 at 02:03 UTC this morning. A very strong coronal mass ejection (CME) has followed today’s eruption and could deliver a glancing blow to Earths magnetic field sometime during October 30, latest WSA-Enlil spirals indicate todays coronal mass ejection may just miss the earth.


Twin X Class Solar Flares October 25, 2013

Two major X-Class solar flares peaking to X1.7 and X2.3 were both registered from newly numbered Sunspot 1882 at 08:01 UTC this morning and15:03 UTC this afternoon . Associated with this major event was a 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) lasting 24 minutes and measuring 610 solar flux units and 44 minutes measuring 370 solar flux units. Two large coronal mass ejections (CME) are now visible in the latest LASCO imagery and looks to have a possible Earth directed components and we should begin to see a series of strong geomagnetic disturbances over the next 2-3 days.


Sun Diving Comets, Origin of Lightning, ISON Update ~ Jim McCanney Science Hour

August 24, 2013 … my weekly radio show is now posted … i cover three topics including how sun diving comets cause solar flares and the total misinformation being pawned off on the public regarding the comet that caused a massive CME the other day … note that NASA and the boys also control many nut case youtube video outlets that make the whole topic “end of the worldish” which of course turns people off to the real subject at hand … so listen and learn … i also discuss the recent articles where scientists finally admit that they have no clue what causes lightning so they are looking to cosmic rays (high energy protons from distant outer solar system space) … anything but the reality … the denial is screaming louder and louder every day … additionally NASA has predicted a possible power outage due to the upcoming flare … remember my statements that they are planning a false flag solar event power outage … listen and learn … jim mccanney



SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Powerful M5.0-Flare/Proton/CME (May 22nd, 2013).

Note: After last weeks powerful CME’s and last nights massive gamma ray burst, powerful cosmic energy’s are bombarding the planet and helping to shift consciousness into more expanded states of awareness. Daily mediation is key to keeping personal energy’s in alignment and balanced during the shift, especially this week as we move into the third eclipse, coinciding with powerful planetary alignments over the weekend. If you can’t be in attendance, the global march on Monsanto needs our energy, focus and attention in support of those who will be on the front lines. Please send Love, Light and Gratitude to all participating around the world on this historical day. Much love and gratitude to all,~A~}

Published on May 22, 2013

CME AND RADIATION STORM: A solar radiation storm is in progress on May 22nd following an M5-class explosion on the sun’s western limb. The source of the flare, which peaked at 1332 UT, was departing sunspot AR1745. SOHO coronagraphs observed a magnificent CME emerging from the blast site: Update (May 22 @ 5:30 PDT): Although the explosion was not squarely Earth-directed, the CME will likely be geoeffective. The expanding cloud appears set to deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on May 24th around 1200 UT. According to NOAA forecast models, the impact will more than double the solar wind plasma density around Earth and boost the solar wind speed to ~600 km/s. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. http://www.spaceweather.com/


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M3.2 Solar Flare – May 17, 2013

Published on May 17, 2013

M-Class Solar Flare !
Active Region 11748 produced an eruption peaking to M3.2 at 08:57 UTC this morning. Associated with this blast was a 10cm Radio Burst (Ten Flare) measuring 450 Solar Flux Units. We will now need to wait to see if the resulting Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) has an earth bound component, this was a long duration event so a strong CME should follow




Solar Revolution ~ MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY!!

Note: EXCELLENT Film!! This HIGHLY RECOMMENDED documentary on the effects of space weather on consciousness, multi-dimensional thinking and how we create reality as a collective. Also new data on a black hole in our region of the galaxy soon predicted to send a massive wave of energy toward Earth, and expected to have a major impact on life¬† although they have no idea what will happen when it hits. This film describes the science behind the knowledge of the ancients of cosmological cycles.WATCH NOW!! It may not last, it so here’s an alternate link¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6Vs8O8vvg0

You can also buy or rent the movie at the links below, it’s well worth it!!

Film Synopsis:

Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? In Solar (R)evolution, world-renowned German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.


SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION premiered worldwide November 2012!!
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Jim McCanney Science Hour 4/11/13

Updates from Jim’s home page:

April 13, 2013 … today we were supposed to be hit with a solar flare that left the sun 2 days ago BUT not a hint of any real solar activity here at earth … so what is happening ??? the moon is discharging the solar capacitor and is in the new moon phase right now … it is not just a little round ball out there … because it is acting like a comet it is blocking all the solar wind activity … BUT by early this coming morning as it breaks lose we could see some amazing low latitude auroral activity … that is if the solar flare has not passed us by already … jim mccanney

April 13, 2013 … for days i have been searching the solar system for the electrical connection(s) that are causing the world-wide severe weather and especially the USA which has had multiple major storms rolling through like bowling balls for over a week … the energy is not coming from the sunward side of earth so i have been searching on the far side away from the sun … Saturn is the apparent culprit … if in fact we are electrically hooked into Saturn’s current sheet we are in for another few weeks of this unseasonable rash weather until around may 5th when we would be able to break that connection by earth swinging around in its orbit … time will tell but this is the only electrical connection possible that i can see … severe weather does not just happen … it is the result of energy from electrical connections outside the planet as explained in my weather book and other books (including the new eBook COMETS) … jim mccanney¬†

April 13, 2013 … quick posting … the disinfo crew is full bore on the internet posting false information through its nut case outlets regarding comet C/2012/S1 (ISON) … it is NOT coming from the south but is very near the ecliptic in fact … there are no observational data that i have seen suggesting it would have a large planet X companion although it is still unconfirmed regarding possible small companions … this huge sudden disinfo flux is standard procedure especially as we approach May (the is an annual event with them) … the presentation of real data has a standard format and must be presented in this manner (even if you do not agree with much that is done in standard science as i do) … anyone making statements without data presented in the standard format that is verifiable by independent third parties is nothing more than hot air … jim mccanney

Click below and scroll down to listen to Jim’s April 11th’s show.


SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: M1.1-Flare/Earth Directed CME: March 15th, 2013.

Published on Mar 15, 2013


POSSIBLE EARTH-DIRECTED CME: A magnetic filament snaking around sunspot AR1692 erupted on March 15th at about 0600 UT. The slow explosion, which took hours to unfold, produced an M1-class solar flare and a bright CME. SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) and STEREO-B spacecraft captured the CME just as it was leaving the sun: http://www.spaceweather.com/


M1.2 Solar Flare & Huge “Halo CME” – March 5, 2013

Check this out!! Thank goodness this CME wasn’t Earth directed…

Published on Mar 5, 2013


Sunspot 1684 erupted violently at 07:54 today unleashing an impulsive M 1.2 Solar Flare. it appears a very strong halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from old AR11678 which is not on the earth-facing side of the disk and will return onto the disk in 4-5 days, latest imagery indicates a very powerful blast may have occurred simultaneously on two separate sides of the solar corona.

SolarWatcher website
Earthquake Forecasting Channel
Another Quality Solar youtube Channel
Earthquake Reporting Channel
Soho Website
Solar Soft website
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction
Quality Solar Website
Estimated Planetary K index information
GOES Xray Flux Data
Sunspot Information from Solar Monitor
Quality Weather Website
Space Weather Website

Music Used Is ‘Mainframe Disturbance’ by Frederik Wiedmann


Full-halo Coronal Mass Ejection on farside of the Sun

‚Äď Posted on March 5, 2013

Region 1678 erupted with massive, full-halo, Coronal Mass Ejection around 04:00 UTC on March 5, 2013. The CME will have no effect on Earth as Region 1678 is on farside of the Sun. This old and active region is about to rotate onto the eastern limb by this weekend.   Couple of hours later, at 07:54 UTC, an impulsive M1.2 solar flare erupted from Beta classified Active Region 1686. A Type II Radio Emission was associated indicating a CME was generated. Read more about that event here.   Currently, there are 6 regions with Beta magnetic configuration on Earth’s side of the...

Region 1678 erupted with massive, full-halo, Coronal Mass Ejection around 04:00 UTC on March 5, 2013. The CME will have no effect on Earth as Region 1678 is on farside of the Sun. This old and active region is about to rotate onto the eastern limb by this weekend.

March 5, 2013 - Full halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)


Couple of hours later, at 07:54 UTC, an impulsive M1.2 solar flare erupted from Beta classified Active Region 1686. A Type II Radio Emission was associated indicating a CME was generated.

Read more about that event here.

Currently, there are 6 regions with Beta magnetic configuration on Earth’s side of the Sun. Old Region 1678 is returning into Earth view. Region 1682 is about to rotate onto the southwest limb, same as Region 1686 but we still might see some action from them. Regions 1683, 1685, 1687 and 1689 are becoming geoeffective and are visible on the image below:

Sunspots magnetic configuration on March 5, 2013


Featured image: STEREO Ahead EUVI 195 ‚Äď NASA



Breathtaking Electromagnetic Solar Surface Event – NASA SDO/AIA

These are very cool images, which is very interesting because while practicing sacred geometry in meditation I see very similar images around the pyramid template when reaching Higher states of consciousness…as above, so below!

Published on Feb 19, 2013



Complimentary Evidence of Metallic Behavior on the Surface of the Sun

Introduction: In his popular work, The Birth and Death of the Sun, George
Gamow justified the gaseous nature of the Sun as follows:
“. . . at 6000 degrees all the materials from which a furnace
might be constructed, including even such refractory substances
as platinum or carbon, will be not only melted but completely
evaporated. No material can exist at these high temperatures
in a state other than gaseous, and this is exactly
what we find on the surface of the Sun, where all elements
are present in vapour form‚ÄĚ Well it appears scientist’s are shifting yet

another long held belief that the sun is composed of gaseous materials, when actually it appears to be more of a liquid metalsubstance. Go here for more info:



3MIN News January 30, 2013: Earthquake Watch February

Published on Jan 30, 2013

Important Video: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

An Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

Mozambique Flooding: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=80297

Sunspot 1654 still dominates the visible solar disk

January 16, 2013

Active Region 1654 has traveled half across the Earth facing side of the Sun and now is squarely facing Earth. On January 13, this huge sunspot reached its maximum size measured as more than 193 000 km (120, 000 miles) wide long or 15 Earth diameters) from end to end.  This large sunspot was even visible with the naked eyes from Earth when the sun was dimmed by clouds or mist.   This group of sunspots with complex magnetic field configurations has only produced a couple of medium sized solar flares (M-class flares) and few dozens of minor sized C-class flares. It was...

Active Region 1654 has traveled half across the Earth facing side of the Sun and now is squarely facing Earth. On January 13, this huge sunspot reached its maximum size measured as more than 193 000 km (120, 000 miles) wide long or 15 Earth diameters) from end to end.  This large sunspot was even visible with the naked eyes from Earth when the sun was dimmed by clouds or mist.

Sunspot 1654 captured at sunrise over Frösön, Sweden by astrophotographer Göran Strand on January 14, 2013 (Credit: Göran Strand/SpaceWeather)

This group of sunspots with complex magnetic field configurations has only produced a couple of medium sized solar flares (M-class flares) and few dozens of minor sized C-class flares. It was numbered on January 8 and up until now it produced 76 C-class and only 3 M-class solar flares. None of them seriously impacted our geomagnetic field, there were no significant CME heading our way.  First M-class flare erupted on January 10, registered as M1.0, then impulsive M1.2 and M1.0 flares occurred on January 11. AR1654 remained active, crackling with C-class flares.

NOAA/SWPC forecasters estimate a 60% chance of M-class solar flares, and a 5% chance of X-flares in the next 24 hours.

Composite images of Active Region 1654 captured by SDO’s AIA 304, AIA 1600, HMI Intesitygrams and HMI Magnetogram  on January 12, 2013 (Credit: SDO/TheWatchers)

SDO released video tracking this region starting January 7 through January 15, 2013. It shows the crackling region coming over the eastern limb of the Sun and then tracking across the center, seen through composite of three wavelengths (211, 193 and 171 angstroms). You can watch the movie below.

Sunspots are dark areas on the solar surface, contain strong magnetic fields that are constantly shifting. A moderate-sized sunspot is about as large as the Earth. Sunspots form and dissipate over periods of days or weeks. They occur when strong magnetic fields emerge through the solar surface and allow the area to cool slightly, from a background value of 6000 ¬į C down to about 4200 ¬į C; this area appears as a dark spot in contrast with the very bright photosphere of the Sun. The rotation of these sunspots can be seen on the solar surface; they take about 27 days to make a complete rotation as seen from Earth.

Sunspots remain more or less in place on the Sun. Near the solar equator the surface rotates at a faster rate than near the solar poles. Groups of sunspots, especially those with complex magnetic field configurations, are often the sites of solar flares. Over the last 300 years, the average number of sunspots has regularly waxed and waned in an 11-year (on average) solar or sunspot cycle.

Composite image shows location of Active Region 1654 on January 15/16, 2013 (Credit: SDO/The Watchers)

You can track the AR 1654 via our SpaceWeatherStation


HUMONGOUS ERUPTION OF 2012 on Nov 16, 2012

Published on Dec 18, 2012


HUMONGOUS ERUPTION: A truly gigantic explosion happened on the sun November 16th, 2012. Magnetic fields snaking halfway across the sun’s southern hemisphere erupted in tandem, producing a prominence so big, it doesn’t fit inside this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO):


Space Weather Update~ Quiet entering a Medium Solar Wind stream

FatherMotherGod Amon Ra's picture

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 04 December 2012

ANOTHER QUIET DAY: With all of the sunspots on the Earthside of the sun in decay, solar activiy is low. NOAA forecasters estimate a slight 1% chance of strong solar flares during the next 24 hours. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

SOLAR WIND: A medium-speed (~450 km/s) solar wind stream is blowing past Earth. The action of this weak stream is not enough to trigger full-fledged geomagnetic storms, but it is enough to ignite auroras around the Arctic Circle. Frank Olsen of Sortland, Norway, took this picture during the early hours of Dec. 4th:


The odds of a gomagnetic storm today remain low–only 5% to 15% according to NOAA–but more Arctic lights are in the offing as the solar wind contiinues to blow. Check the aurora gallery for updates.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery

GHOSTLY WHITE RAINBOW: Dec. 1st was a foggy night in Little Sioux, Iowa. Nevertheless, Evan Ludes decided to go outside to photograph the nearly-full Moon (and “to play in the fog,” he says). The Moon was high and bright, as expected, and when he finished snapping the lunar disk, he turned around to find this ghostly white rainbow behind his back:

“It was a lunar fogbow,” explains Ludes.

Fogbows are sometimes called “white rainbows,” and that’s about right. Both rainbows and fogbows are caused by light reflected from water droplets. When the droplets are large (rain), they act like prisms, spreading the colors wide for easy visibility. When the droplets are small (fog), the prism-action is reduced, and colors are smeared together into a ghostly-white arc.

“I also saw a fogbow created by our headlights,” he adds. “It was incredibly bright visually, and this was my first time ever seeing one!”

Solar wind
speed: 408.5 km/sec
density: 2.4 protons/cm3
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at 2227 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: B2 2046 UT Dec04
24-hr: B7 0212 UT Dec04
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at: 2200 UT

Daily Sun: 04 Dec 12

None of the spots on the Earthside of the sun pose a threat for strong solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Sunspot number: 44
What is the sunspot number?
Updated 04 Dec 2012

Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 0 days
2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1%)
2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)
Since 2004: 821 days
Typical Solar Min: 486 days
Update 04 Dec 2012

The Radio Sun
10.7 cm flux: 97 sfu
explanation | more data
Updated 04 Dec 2012

Current Auroral Oval:

Switch to: Europe, USA, New Zealand, Antarctica

Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 1 quiet
24-hr max: Kp= 2 quiet
explanation | more data

Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal: 2.4 nT
Bz: 1.3 nT north
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at 2227 UT

Coronal Holes: 04 Dec 12

There are no large coronal holes on the Earthside of the sun. Credit: SDO/AIA.


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