WSO SPECIAL SEGMENT – Digesting Nibiru Events Last 24 Hours

Note: From my observations I don’t believe Nibiru or a planet hitting the earth is an issue of concern. That said, there does appear to be some interesting things going on with spherical objects in our solar system, what they are is matter of much speculation and disinformation. They may be inter-dimensional bleed-throughs of planets, or they may be the many inhabited sphere’s that are here to assist the solar system and Earth in the liberation from occupied forces.

Also, what’s up with the green energy beams in Antarctica? And the circular rings around the sun? Interesting anomalies…blessings, {~A~}

Wayne and I just had a good talk. We were just updating each other on things, and thought you might like to hear the conversation. New photos and analysis of COR 1 and COR 2 today.


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