Earth Moans, Whines, Rumbles and Groans Making Strange Sounds Around the World

Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake

Weird Noise – Moscow – August 23, 2011

More strange sounds from 08.14.2011 near Homel, Belarus

Strange sound in Kiev (Ukraine) Aug 3,2011

Strange Sucking Noise from the Sky

Strange rumbling noises above Alkmaar, thunder without a pause for more than twenty minutes?

UFO Sounds of Apocalypse …the same sound of Kiev!! (Michigan)

The Hum – weird noise plaguing village is investigated by the Telegraph

What is this Sound in the Sky???

WHAT THE HELL? Florida March, 2011-EERIE SOUND From Sky! 20min

High Frequency Noise coming from the sky in Victoria B.C. June 22, 2010 Haarp + Chemtrails?

Strange sounds #3

Uploaded by on Aug 11, 2009

This is about 25 minutes after the noises started…. these rumbling pulses are so intense, you can feel them in the ground, but the sound seems to come from the sky above the Ohio river..