The Electric Comet C/2012 S1, Comet ISON

The Electric Sun

A Look at The Possibilities And Dangerous Comet ISON Presents.

The Last Great Comet Of the Last Century Comet Biela Provides Recorded Historical Eyewitness Accounts of the Devastation.


Ignatius Donnelly, Ragnarok: the Rain of Fire and Gravel.
Carl Sagan and Nancy Druyan “Comet”
Robert Chapman’s and John Brandt’s The Comet Book
“History of the Great Conflagration”, by James W. Sheahan and George P. Upton (1871).

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(Excerpt)Electric Universe

The most important issue separating the Electric Universe from conventional views is that evidence based in laboratory experiments can be used to support EU theories of cosmogony and cosmology. The mainstream sinks its foundations in ground where computer models and complex equations are used for support. It is this philosophical divergence that inhibits the general acceptance of plasma and electricity as active agents in space

Electric Sun

The Sun may be powered, not from within itself, but from outside, by the electric (Birkeland) currents that flow in our arm of our galaxy as they do in all galaxies. This possibility – that the Sun may be externally powered by its galactic environment – is the most speculative idea in the ES hypothesis and is always attacked by critics while they ignore all the other more obvious properties of the ES model.

In the Plasma Universe model, cosmic sized, low-density currents create the galaxies and the stars within those galaxies by the electromagnetic z-pinch effect. It is only a small extrapolation to ask whether these currents remain in place to power those stars. Galactic currents are of low current density, but, because the sizes of the stars are large, the total current (Amperage) is high. An Electric Sun’s radiated power is due to the energy delivered by that amperage. As it travels around the galactic center the Sun may come into regions of higher or lower current density and so its output may vary both periodically and randomly.

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