Earth In Crisis (15th May 2012)

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Mayan Calendar Strangeness (11th May 2012)

Dee nailed it, National Geographic is a major disinformation outlet for the Illiminati, all recognizable print media publications are controlled by the corporate elite. 96% of all media is monopolized, as soon as any publication becomes popular it silently gets purchased so the PTW can stay in control of the message.  The same thing is happening on the internet with alternative media, which is why it’s becoming more and more important to learn to go within to source the truth.

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Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth:…

Production of Mayan documentary steeped in intrigue:…

Sun May Act As A Lens Producing A Strong Focus Of Photon Energy From Pleiades:…

5-6-2012 dark hole spot on Venus very strange looking YTUL 1.wmv :…­1&feature=plcp

Who Owns What on Television?:


ANTI-CHRIST UPDATE #3: Pope Allows People To Buy Ticket To Heaven

And the war against higher consciousness continues in an ever so subtle manner Instead of teaching followers how to earn their way toward enlightenment they make them believe the path can easily be bought with a ticket…yes indeed, it does appear Luciferian energies have a hold of many Christians by the tail if they believe they can buy their way to heaven. It probably wouldn’t hurt them to learn about the fate of the Gnostics at the hands of the Archons that were apparently controlling religious authorities two thousand years ago ~ and from the looks of it they haven’t let go!

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Scientists Puzzled By Bizarre Gamma Ray Bursts (20th April 2012)

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Dead Silent – World’s Largest Earth Observing Satellite Cuts Contact (13th April 2012)

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Your Heart Is The Key To Your Divinity

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We will not find our truth in external saviors we must understand that the power of the Divine Universal Source is already within us just waiting to be remembered.

We Are Spiritual Warriors Of The Holy Science

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Now is the time we must understand how divine and powerful we truly are, when we know this our true potential will finally be realized.

Credit to Danny Wilten for his Orion/Caduceus Research you can find his channel here:

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The Day The Sun Changed (3rd March 2012)



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Guys remember these are my truths and I am not telling everyone to believe my perspective over their own…I am just throwing a few theories around and they may also change as new information is received too. Peace.

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Vatican Demands To See Secret Bible (26th Feb 2012)

Once again Dee hits a home run with a great analysis of the Vatican’s motivations to get their grubby hands on this document – they’re scared to death the truth will set us free.  Judging from the contents of this article Christians better get grip because history’s about to pull the rug out from under their feet…my suspicion is that the truth to our spirituality lies not in any of the modern day New Age teachings or in any of the major religions, all of that has been corrupted. There appears to an unearthing of historical texts underway where much is being revealed about who we are and where we came from, Cayce and many others predicted that in the end times ancient information would come forth that will enlighten and set us free from the religiosity, deceit and dogma the Controllers have used to CONTROL the masses.
Hence the reason for my focus on history lately, it seems to be where our answers lie. As always use discernment and follow what resonates with your heart.
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Thank you Johnnybistango!

Space Station Command Codes Stolen (1st March 2012)

This is absolutely shameful!

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Mirrors Of Heaven – The Dragon, The Swan & The Age of Ether

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The geographical location of the Angkor complex and the arrangement of its temples was based on a planet-spanning sacred geography from archaic times. Using computer simulations, it has been shown that the ground plan of the Angkor complex — the terrestrial placement of its principal temples – mirrors the stars in the constellation of Draco at the time of spring equinox in 10,500 BC

Wisdom Resides in The Heart and Knowledge In The Head

The Truth we seek and the answers to our problems don’t lie outside of us or in others, we aren’t going to be saved by a Messiah or the aliens because WE are the ONE we are waiting for…
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Hermetic wisdom and the knowledge of the Ancients can be used to help us find clarity and understand our path through these tumultous times.

Sun May Soon Plunge Into Interstellar Cloud

My research totally supports everything Dee sets forth on interstellar changes affecting the entire solar system, especially in regards to the magnetic ribbon and foreknowledge the Mayans had about what would happen at this time on a cosmic level.  She also references the scientist Susan Joy Rennison who’s done extensive, ground breaking research highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand or validate the metaphysical aspects to the changes unfolding on Earth and in the solar system.  All three of Susan’s videos are posted here, a simple site search for Rennison will pull them up.

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Sun May Soon Plunge Into Hot Cloud of Interstellar Gas:…

NASA to Discuss Discoveries of Material from Beyond Solar System on Tuesday:


The Heart Can Think (14th Jan 2012)

Dee brings up a very important point regarding our awakening, opening up to our heart energy.  Society and experience teaches us to live in our head to the degree that many people have forgotten how to feel love energy emanating from the heart. Very important! At one point during my awakening I realized that thinking love from my head and was not the same as feeling love energy flowing my heart.

I’m single and don’t have children, my family is on the mainland so I began to focus on my bird while learning to send him love from my heart and  feeling the energy flow to him.  It’s been like learning life’s basics all over again.

Like Dee says, another great way to connect with your heart is through nature and also through meditation.  Feeling the love energy flowing through your heart is a very important part of the awakening and ascension process.  This is a great video and advise on the heart that Dee put together for viewers, link to the article is below.

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Prepare For Riots – Euro WILL Collapse (27th Nov 2011)

The letter to Kerry Cassidy about the break up of the Swiss banking network appears to be right on target with collapse of the Euro.

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Lawsuit Could End Gangster Rule of The West (26th Nov 2011)

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