Moret & Battis: Jade Helm-Ukraine-Pope-UN post 2015 Agenda are one integrated Jesuit operation ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre

You can access links and more context while watching the interview here. Thank you. Leuren Moret & Laurens Battis: Jade Helm, Ukraine, EU & Greece Deconstruction, Pope, UN post-2015 Development Agenda are one integrated Jesuit operation
By Alfred Lambremont Webre…


“Out Of My Face Please” – Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol? ~ ZeroHedge

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Amid the devastation of yesterday’s Mariupol artillery strikes which killed or wounded dozens, which was promptly blamed by both sides on the “adversary” – and has been proclaimed by both ‘sides’ (more on that later) as more violent than before the truce – an ‘odd’ clip has emerged that appears to provide all the ‘proof’ a US intelligence officer would need to surmise that US military boots are on the ground in Ukraine. As the following clip shows, a Ukrainian journalist approaches what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier (since he is wearing a Ukrainian military uniform and is carrying an AK) and asked him as they run through the battlezone, “tell me, what happened here?” His response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.

Forward to 2:36 for the ‘Ukrainian’ soldier’s response:

Here is a clip which focuses just on the exchange in question:

With daily reportage of the ‘invasion’ of Russian military forces into Ukraine territory (admittedly unconfirmed by NATO), this clip raises many questions about American involvement in the ongoing conflict – most of all, was the US involved in the “staging” the Mariupol massacre, and if so it is clear who should be blamed (and isolated).

Of course, US troops, or at least mercs, on the ground, should not be a total surprise, since just 2 months ago, we discussed the hacked US documents that revealed the extent of undisclosed US “lethal aid” being given to the Ukraine army. What was apparently left unleaked was the part of the US aid also includes US-speaking soldiers. The only question is whether US taxpayers are paying their wages.

Former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych Now Wanted By Interpol

By Christopher Harress @Charress on January 12 2015

Viktor Yanukovych

Ukraine’s then-President Viktor Yanukovych speaks during a news conference in Kiev, March 1, 2013. Reuters/Gleb Garanich

Ukrainian ex-President Viktor Yanukovych was added to Interpol’s wanted list Monday, almost 11 months after he was ousted from power. Yanukovych fled the country in February following the Euromaidan demonstrations in Kiev and was last seen in Russia in February, according to various media reports.

Along with members of his Cabinet also sought by Interpol, Yanukovych is wanted for “misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation.”

The current Ukraine government, led by President Petro Poroshenko, says Yanuvoych’s crimes extend to murder, charging that he ordered troops to fire on protesters at demonstrations in early 2014, but the Interpol isn’t looking for Yanukovych for murder, only for financial crimes.

Ukraine requested an international warrant for Yanukovych’s arrest, also known as a “red notice,” by Interpol last March, but lack of evidence meant that Interpol was unable to act upon the request until this year.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced the names of those sought on his Facebook feed. “On the international wanted list of Interpol (red notice — wanted for extradition to Ukraine): Viktor F. Yanukovych, Olexander Yanukovych [businessman, son of the former president], Nykolai Azarov, Raisa Bogatyreva [former health minister], Yuri Kolobov [former minister of finance], G. Dzekon [Georgi, former head of Ukrtelecom],” he posted in Russian.

Some of those names, however, did not appear on Interpol’s wanted list. “When we issue a red notice, it is either made public or restricted to law enforcement agencies,” she said. “Either there is no red notice for that person, or the country has requested that the red notice not be made public,” an Interpol spokesperson told the Kyiv Post Monday.

The Kyiv Post suggested that the intense pressure on the new Ukraine administration to bring former government ministers to justice meant that censoring the names was an unlikely scenario. Instead it would be more likely that no red notice was issued at all.

Joseph Farrell “News and Views From the Nefarium” Jan15 2015

Servant of Truth submitted this today..mahalo, nice find!

GMOs and geopolitics: the GMO issue may be a hidden issue in the Ukraine and a hidden driving factor behind Russia’s growing opposition to them.

New – Interview with SIMON PARKES, BRITISH COUNCILLOR ~ Kerry Cassidy *MUST HEAR*

 OUTSTANDING Interview!! I absolutely love Simon Parkes, here he shares some pretty mind blowing information on a wide range of paranormal subjects. Gotta hand to Kerry’s, she’s still carrying the torch and is at the top of her game here. She’s been at this long enough knows the material and the right questions to ask. IMO Simon is a  the systems approach at giving us Disclosure on an IV drip, they’re slowly feeding the information to see how people react and condition them to the reality of interacting with multiple off-world races. Simon’s career in politics has also given him insights into the world of politics. As well as military political strategy’s which he shares with as much transparency as possible without endangering himself or others.

His multi-dimensional perspective is invaluable in understanding the bigger picture of where we’re at and the direction we’re heading in. Here Simon and Kerry discuss the use of “Majick” and the by the ruling elite, as a form of control over the masses. This interview is one of the best I’ve heard,  it’s right up there with information Mary Rodwell discloses on star children and the activity’s behind ET presence. Enjoy!  5 Stars!


Possible EMP, Mantis and Reptilians, Anunnaki behind the scenes in Israel, Flt 17 – what really happened… and much more.

This is a ground breaking even explosive interview in terms of content.  This interview was filmed on location in Avebury, England and during the 1st International Bases Conference. This is a very insightful look at the man and his relationships with ET/alien races and the larger picture of what’s going on here on Planet Earth. We cover ascension and how that factors in to the game being played by the Praying Mantis or Mantid race and Reptilian races and humans in power. Also discussed is the relationship of Exopolitics to earth politics and a planned EMP attack on the United States to be attempted by those in power sometime before 2016.

Simon covers the role that “Majick” plays in the upper echelons of power both on the ET and human sides as well as more pragmatic subjects such as the downing of Flight MH 17 — apparently a “dirty bomb” containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city… The role of the Mossad and the true ET race behind the scenes in Israel.

This interview is a must-see for anyone seeking to understand what is really going on here on Planet Earth.

Anti-Government Protests in the Ukraine


1.6 million people have taken the streets in Ukraine to protest against oppression and what appears to be Russian control of their government. Many reports have mistakenly named these massive demonstrations as pro-EU, but it is much more appropriate to label them anti-government. People are waking up to their power and dignity all around the world. The bankers are exposed in the truth if their global corruption harming us all. This is the aftermath of the 2012 GLOBAL AWAKENINGS. People want a new way of living worldwide. Our current model serves a few & harms many more. It is also important to note that these protests are going on in spite of a protest ban. Activists and students in Independence square, were brutality beaten, injured, and hospitalized by police attacks in the early morning hours of November 30th.

Protestors fought police, seized governmental buildings, blockaded police, and have continued to stand united calling for government resignations in the millions! A protestor in a bulldozer even pushed back police lines while others stood hand in hand. Students began pepper spraying cops. People have had enough. Just as we have seen from Egypt, to the London Riots, to The Israeli summer, Americans Autumn, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand & dozens of more nations- people are standing up for justice. The tyranny and brutality of the Ukrainian government has been on full display via beatings and gas grenades. A new world is possible. Remove the corrupt bankers & create a new system.

Ukraine protests continue, government shows no signs of yielding


Protestors in UkraineProtesters try to stay warm while gathered in Independent Square in Kiev, Ukraine, early Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)


Yuras Karmanau and Jim Heintz, The Associated Press
Published Wednesday, December 4, 2013 6:30AM EST
Last Updated Wednesday, December 4, 2013 12:50PM EST

KYIV, Ukraine — As protests roiled the Ukrainian capital and other cities, three of the country’s former presidents on Wednesday gave support to the demonstrators and warned the tensions could be spinning into an uncontainable crisis.

Separately, the head of the Council of Europe, the continent’s main human rights body, met with government officials and opposition members to try to persuade them to enter into dialogue, but said many in Ukraine are resistant to compromise.

The head of Ukraine’s police ordered his officers not to use force against peaceful demonstrators, a statement indicating that officials are aware of how the club-swinging dispersal of protesters this week galvanized already strong anger over the president’s shelving of a long-awaited pact with the European Union.

Thousands rallied again Wednesday night on Kyiv’s central square — where protesters have erected barricades on feeder streets — and other demonstrators were blocking the cabinet of ministers, a show of determination to press their demands for the government to step down.

But the government is showing no sign of yielding and a resolution remained elusive.

In a statement released to Ukrainian news agencies, Ukraine’s first three post-Soviet leaders said “we express solidarity with the peaceful civil actions of hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainians.”

“However, a solution to the crisis has not been found. The crisis is deepening and we see risks of losing control over the situation,” said the statement from Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko.

Council of Europe head Thorbjorn Jagland said after his meeting with opposition figures and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov that “we are trying to find out whether and how a dialogue can be established. But I have also seen that too many are focusing on how to aggravate the situation.”

He did not specify if the aggravators were among officials, protest leaders or fringe elements.

Opposition leaders remained vehement. “The blockade of administrative offices will continue,” declared Oleh Tyanhybok, head of the nationalist Svoboda party.

Azarov urged the opposition to end its blockade of government buildings and warned the western regions of the country — where protest strikes were announced — that they may be left without federal funding.

Azarov survived a chaotic no-confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday.

Law enforcement bodies have brought dozens of charges against demonstrators, and nine people remain in detention following Sunday’s rally, when several hundred thousand protested Yanukovych’s decision and the use of force against a handful of peaceful demonstrators at an earlier protest.

“We must decide all this in a calm environment. Not in the streets, but in a responsible dialogue,” Azarov told a Cabinet meeting.

Demonstrators have set up scores of tents on Kyiv’s Independence Square and blocked several streets leading to it with tall barricades of wooden pallets and random material. Large piles of wood dot the square, fuel for fires that keep the demonstrators warm in the freezing temperatures.

“We are now defending … 46 million people. Either they will defeat us, or we will defeat them,” opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk told reporters.

Last month, Yanukovych’s government abruptly halted preparations to sign the key political and economic agreement with the EU and focus on ties with Russia instead. Russia has used strong economic pressure to derail the deal, unwilling to lose the former part of its empire to the West.

Anger is growing about the status of the nine demonstrators who were beaten and arrested. Officials have said the action was in response to provocations by the demonstrators, but supporters of the arrested say radical nationalists were responsible.

Six of those arrested are in intensive care and three others are in jail medical units, their relatives told a news conference on Wednesday. They complained the men have been denied adequate legal help.

“They didn’t even allow us to send him a lawyer,” said Yana Stepanova, the fiancee of Mykola Lazarovskyi, one of those in intensive care.

She said she had lost touch by telephone with him during the demonstration on Sunday, then heard from friends that riot police had routed the protesters.

Hours later, he called and “he said just two words, that he was in the hospital,” she said.

Supporters of those arrested say state lawyers who had not met the defendants represented the arrested at court hearings and alleged that independent lawyers are being intimidated against taking any of the cases. The arrested face a possible seven years in prison if convicted of charges of organizing mass protests.

Nina Bolotova, whose husband Yuri was among them, sarcastically cast doubt on authorities’ claim that the arrested were the organizers of the provocations.

“It’s interesting to me that out of so many people, the law-enforcement agencies were able to detain the specific organizers,” she said.


Russia Reports Nuclear Explosion hit Vast Military Tunnel Network

Sounds heard before the Colorado earthquake taken by hikers

Uploaded by  on Aug 24, 2011

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network

Posted by EU Times on Aug 24th, 2011

Full article here with all 3 videos…

Just throwing it out there for food for thought.

Nuclear Implications: Virginia Earthquake, Federal Reserve, Fukushima? Just Sayin’?

The Federal Reserve’s Communications and Records Center (Culpeper, Virginia)
so they COULD “RELOCATE FUNDS”, if I read that article correctly…. (just sayin’)?

State Of Emergency Declared In Culpeper County, Virginia

Virginia Earthquake – Nuclear Wake-Up Call for U.S. (Nuclear Plants not Prepared) – Michio Kaku

Just throwing it out there for food for thought is all. There are a lot of possible scenarios… I’m just sayin’….

US Government makes Strategic Decision to DOWNPLAY Fukushima (Arnie Gundersen) 8/14/11

Agenda 21, Read it.

*Note: Single radiation dose of 2,000 millisieverts (200,000 millirems) and above causes serious illness. See also exposure list below.
Half-life of some radioactive elements

[NOTE: Half-life is the time taken for a radioactive substance to decay by half.] * Cesium-134 ~ 2 years * Cesium-137 ~ 30 years * Iodine-131 ~ 8 days * Plutonium-239 ~ 24,200 years * Ruthenium-103 ~ 39 days [Ruthenium is a fission product of uranium-235.] * Ruthenium-106 ~ 374 days * Strontium-90 ~ 28.85 years [Strontium-90 is a product of nuclear fission and is found in large amounts in spent nuclear fuel and in radioactive waste from nuclear reactors.] * Uranium-234 ~ 246,000 years * Uranium-235 ~ 703.8 million years * Uranium-238 ~ 4.468 billion years

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