Natural Disaster and Sever Weather update

My goodness Mother Nature is has been busy over the last week with huge cracks in the Earth appearing in Peru, freak hailstorms in Pakistan, snow in San Francisco, tornado’s, floods, volcano’s acting up and so much more….


Alert – Sonic Booms – Fish kill – Birds fall from Sky- Weird Thunder Storm

Could the sonic booms be from incoming meteors or asteroids?  In the last week there have been two incoming objects, one exploded in the sky over the Netherlands and and other was seen flying off over the Atlantic from New Jersey which you can read about under the Fire in the Sky category.

Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating? (via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond)

For some time now every where I look it seems we’re on an unsustainable course, then when animals, birds and fish began dying en masse at the turn of the New Year it was as though a shift had taken place towards a more rapid deconstruction of reality as we know it. It’s hard to imagine where all of this is heading or what the end result will be, but when meteors begin exploding in the atmosphere on a weekly basis it’s starts to get…interesting.

This week one exploded over the Netherlands and less than one week earlier many people on the east coast witnessed a meteor as it fly off over the Atlantic ocean during broad daylight. I have a couple other posts in the Fireball category on ones that actually hit the ground in Allentown, PA and San Bruno, CA that caused casualties, but authorities said the cause was “natural gas explosions” in both cases.

So it’s hard to say what’s happening with the Bigger Picture but it appears that somethings afoot and this post really resonated with my own feelings that something extraordinary is happening to reality that we really don’t understand.

Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating? “This is a time of total collapse.” –Chilam Balam “A horrible undoing of people and animals.” –Nostradamus “There shall be a time of trouble such as never was.” -Daniel 12:1 The season of change is upon us and it is accelerating. The climate on the planet is in chaos. Economic upheaval threatens to unravel financial institutions across the planet as sovereign debt mounts. Tensions are rising among ethnic groups. Social unrest is unraveling govern … Read More

via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Earth’s Magnetic Fields May Be Causing Bird and Fish Die-Off

By Donna Pravel
Jan 5, 2011
The Earth’s Magnetic Fields May Cause Die-Off
Could the Earth’s magnetic fields be causing the recent die-off of thousands of birds and fish? Scientists believe so, along with environmental imbalances.
The sudden death of thousands of blackbirds in Arkansas over the 2010-2011 New Year’s holiday last weekend was newsworthy enough. Within a couple of days, hundreds of stories from all around the globe recounted similar phenomena. Not only have blackbirds been “falling out of the sky,” but many species of birds,as well as reported cases of bat deaths in Arizona. In addition, there are numerous reports being gathered from around the world about massive fish die-off, and die-off of many different sea animals. What could be causing these deaths? Some researchers believe that changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields are to blame.
The Earth’s Magnetic Fields: What They Are and How Birds Use Them to Migrate
The Earth’s magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet, with north and south poles.The magnetic field causes a bubble around the Earth which protects it from solar winds, asteroids, and other objects in space. Scientists believe the magnetic poles are due to electric currents that come from the Earth’s core.The circulating electric current creates a dynamo effect, which is caused, in part, by the rotation of the Earth’s axis. A dynamo effect is similar to what happens with an electric generator. When the magnetic field interacts with particles from solar winds, it creates what is known as the aurora borealis near the poles.
Scientists at Goethe-Universitat in Frankfurt, Germany, have discovered that a bird can see the Earth’s magnetic fields through photoreceptor cells in the bird’s right eye. Birds use this navigational tool to migrate north and south during the autumn and spring. Before this discovery, it was believed that birds could sense the magnetic field either through their eyes or beaks. These photoreceptor cells create shades of light, which tell the birds if they are on or off course during migration.
Could the Earth’s Magnetic Fields Be Causing the Die-Off of Thousands of Birds?
The Goethe-Universitat study revealed that if birds could not see the magnetic field when migrating, they lost their “bearings” and could hurt themselves or even die. NASA reported in 2008 that there was a “massive breach” in the Earth’s magnetic field, detected by THEMIS spacecraft. Solar wind can flow through this breach, causing enormous geomagnetic storms. It is very possible that such a geomagnetic storm is responsible for the current deaths of thousands of birds across the planet.
Magnetic storms can cause many different phenomena to occur. Not only do birds, such as the reported blackbirds, pelicans, penguins and eagles, lose their bearings and fall dead from exhaustion and hunger, but radio transmissions can be lost, there can be radiation from too much solar power, and high-energy charged particles can bombard the Earth due to the breach in the magnetic “shield” wrapping the planet.. Magnetic storms can also trigger changes in the Earth’s crust, which may lead to increases in landslides, mudslides, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions.
What About the Fish Kills? Are the Fish and Bird Die-Offs Related?
It may be possible that the fish and bird die-offs are unrelated. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesman Keith Stephens believes that in the drum fish case, it could just be a disease, “since it only affected one species.” He says fishkills are not unusual.
However, fishkills are being reported all across the world. Panama reports at least 100 tons of several species of fish found dead all along its coast. Officials there suspect an environmental imbalance, possibly due to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Italy claims a “massacre” of fish, clams, and crabs over Christmas, but blame nearby industries. Similar fishkills are being reported in other cities.
According to Science, sea creatures such as sharks, crabs, salmon, and sea turtles not only use magnetic fields to navigate, but also to detect their prey. So it is entirely possible that some of the recent deaths of not only fish, but sea animals like starfish and dolphins are due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields.

Michio Kaku issues warning about upcoming Solar Cycle 24

The Great Plague for Bats

As scientists approached Hamilton Cave to check on the bats inside, they found the body of one wedged in a crack outside the cave’s mouth. The bat’s nose was white, as if the thumb-sized animal had poked its gargoyle face into flour. “The first white-nose victim at Hamilton Cave,” geologist Wil Orndorff said somberly. “Ever,” added colleague Chris Hobson, a zoologist. That white gunk was a fungus believed to cause a torturous disease in bats called white-nose syndrome. In 2009, when scientists last checked Hamilton Cave in far Southwest Virginia, all the bats looked fine. But the mysterious fungus, new to science when it appeared in New York in 2006, is spreading quickly. White-nose has killed more than 1 million bats from New Hampshire to Tennessee, including thousands in Virginia. At some Northeast caves, it has wiped out more than 90 percent of the bats, leaving behind little brown bones like pine needles. “This is like the Great Plague for bats,” said Orndorff, who works with Hobson for the state Natural Heritage Program, a conservation office. The disease has caused “the most precipitous decline of North American wildlife in recorded history” and could make entire species of bats go extinct, experts said in a 2009 statement. Scientists are comparing this onslaught to the devastation of the buffalo, the passenger pigeon and the American chestnut tree. And all the bats want to do is eat the mosquitoes that make us miserable and the bugs that damage our crops and gardens.